Upcoming Trips

17th to 19th of August – Snow Trip – Mt Skene

Dave is running the snow trip this year where the group will be heading along the track that crosses Mt Skene. This is a great trip that usually involves lots of snow driving. Accommodation has been organised for the Howqua Valley Resort where each group is able to book their own cabin for a special rate arranged by the club. $60per person per night.

Travelling over Mt Skene in winter is only allowed when the convoy has been issued with a permit from the 4wd Association. It’s important that you’re a paid-up member in advance of this trip if you want to attend.

Numbers need to be locked in for arranging the permit and accommodation so please contact Dave or the committee to put your name down on the list.

28th to 30th September – Grand Final Weekend – Toolangi

Dave is running a two night trip to the Toolangi State Forest on the Grand final weekend.
Meeting at the Toolangi Pub – 10:30am on Friday 28th Sept – Please note that there is no fuel at Toolangi so you will need to fill up before you get there.

12th of October – Father and Son Trip – Sheepyard Flat

Base camping at the Sheepyard Flat Campground – Howqua Hills
The time is fast approaching for the annual Father-Son trip. Come along if you’re a father, a son or both and feel free to bring along anyone else that falls into that category. All generations are welcome to attend. This has always been one of the biggest trips of the year. The date is locked in and the destination is confirmed as the Sheepyard Flat Campground, Howqua so start organising your leave passes, someone to cover your shift or your cover story. Whatever it takes.

There’ll be day drives, fishing, damper cooking and camp oven action along with the usual in-depth serious conversations that usually happen after the kids go to bed.
Everyone enjoyed the trip that Matt Anderson ran to Sheepyard earlier in the year and I am looking to do the same for this trip as a few people missed out on the last one.

Sheepyard Flat is about 3hrs from Melbourne along the Melba Hwy.

Brocks Rd, Howqua Hills VIC 3723

Get in touch with James if you want to come along or accept the event invitation on Facebook.

3rd to 6th of November – Melbourne Cup Weekend – Beachport S.A

There is a trip being organised to Beachport that will involve beach driving and driving through the dunes around the Beachport area. It’s a fantastic region of S.A and is approximately a 6hr drive west from Melbourne.

Accomodation will need to be booked at the caravan park in Beachport with details and booking information to be available shortly.

30th Nov to 2nd December – Christmas Trip – O’Tooles Flat

The Christmas trip is on again this year at O’Tooles Camp Ground, Donnellys Creek Rd, Toombon VIC 3825.
Santa will be coming to visit to hand out presents to all of the kids at the camp. There will be a spit roast Christmas dinner provided by the club with each family bringing a plate of either a dessert or a salad.
O’Tooles has drop toilets and a river close by where you can try your luck at catching some fish. You can get camper trailers into O’Tooles as long as you don’t take Flat’s Track. The best way, if you’re towing is to travel along Donelley’s Creek Rd from the start at Walhalla Rd.

27th to 30th December – Goongerah

Mic is organising a trip for the break from Christmas to New Year to Goongerah. MIt will be a great opportunity to see the East Coast of Victoria and the amazing forests in the region. Please contact Mic for more information and to put your name on the list.

The Goongerah region is an amazing part of Victoria and will be a fantastic place to visit in the first few weeks of Summer.
The group will be base camping at the Goongerah Campground and heading off onto the tracks for day trips from there.

Goongerah Campground
Goongerah VIC 3888